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Wife Accused of Posting Ad Soliciting Sex Using Husband’s Girlfriend’s Name

A Texas woman has been charged with creating an account on Craigslist in her soon-to-be ex-husband’s new girlfriend’s name and personal information and using it to place an ad seeking married sexual partners.

48-year-old Tamantha Johnson, a woman married to a divorce attorney and working as a nurse in Houston, Texas, has been in the process of a divorce from her husband since last April.

Johnson suspected her husband was dating someone new, and she allegedly used unorthodox means in order to coerce the woman she believed to be his girlfriend into admitting she was sleeping with the man.

On July 14 an ad was placed on Craigslist, a popular online network that hosts a variety of classified ads and forums, petitioning married men for sexual interludes. The content included a picture of the woman and gave details such as her name and age. The poster was listed as Ryan Boudreaux, the woman Johnson believed was her husband’s new companion, and Johnson is suspected of being the author and publisher of the material.

As a result of the listing, Bourdreaux claimed she was contacted on her cell phone by approximately 100 people trying to answer the advertisement. Some of the inquiries included nude photos of the responders.

After receiving a report about the incident Houston authorities began an investigation which led them to the discovery that the IP address used to post the Craigslist ad was registered to Baylor College of Medicine. Johnson has worked at the facility since 2013, and this resulted in the assumption that she was the one who had created and placed the ad.

Johnson has been charged with felony online impersonation and harassment and was issued a no-contact order forbidding her from contacting both her husband and Bourdreaux. In addition, the court has banned her from using the internet while using narcotics or consuming alcohol. She also must utilize equipment allowing the court to monitor her cyberspace activity.

Johnson posted $5,000 bail and was released from custody.

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