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Toddler Accompanied Dad on Burglary Spree

A man accused of breaking into homes was allegedly found carting a 4-year-old girl along with him during his purported heists.

Around 8:00 am last Thursday, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department was alerted by a concerned person who saw an adult and a small child that they didn’t recognize walking around their neighbor’s backyard while carrying bags.

When the deputies dispatched to the Edgewater location reported, they spoke with the homeowner, who said that they found some wires on their boat that looked as if someone had tried to manipulate them in an effort to start the engine.

Around noon, another report about a man with a child going through backyards and peeking into people’s sheds was received and deputies went to the area given to them by the caller.

A woman living on the block they were canvassing was outside on her deck and a deputy approached her to see if she had any information about the incidents reported. In the middle of their conversation, they heard an unfamiliar voice that sounded as if it was coming from inside of her home and the woman told the deputy that to her knowledge no one else was in the house.

While inspecting the situation, the deputies at the scene entered the home and identified 35-year-old James Giambra as the alleged burglar. In addition to Giambra, the deputies also found a 4-year-old girl and asserted that she was the child they had received notification of in the reports called in.

In a video captured on a body cam and released by the Sheriff’s Office, the youngster can be seen talking to a deputy while in high spirits and with a healthy appearance. The child was released into the custody of another family member.

Giambra was placed under arrest for several charges. He has been accused of burglary of an occupied dwelling, two counts of burglary of a conveyance, grand theft, petit theft, and two counts of child neglect. Additional charges for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine were added because he was allegedly discovered with the illegal items in his pocket.

Giambra was incarcerated in the county jail in lieu of $38,000 bond.

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