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Toddlers Found in Filthy Car with Unconscious Adults 

Soiled 18-month-old twins were reportedly discovered in the back seat of a vehicle while two adults were blacked out in the front with drugs visible. 

29-year-old Stephanie Sandlin is a mother of 18-month-old fraternal twins. They live in Middletown, Ohio. 

On June 6, Sandlin and her twins were with 48-year-old Justin Simpson, also a Middletown resident. Simpson was driving the vehicle with Sandlin in the front passenger seat. Her children were in the back of the van. 

According to reports, the group went to Monroe, which is nearly 10 miles from Middletown. The temperature was approximately 80 degrees for most of the day. 

Officers with the Monroe Police Department came across the van while it was parked. They reportedly noticed that the driver and passenger were unconscious. 

The officers were able to awaken Sandlin, and they noticed the twins in the back of the van. The vehicle was allegedly in a very unkempt state with fast food remnants and trash all over the interior. It was additionally reported that it was uncomfortably hot inside. 

When the children were inspected, it was asserted that they had full diapers, and they were sweaty and “filthy.” The police believed the toddlers were suffering from dehydration. 

After the authorities interacted with Simpson, they reported that their concern heightened. 

The man, who was allegedly passed out on the steering wheel, reportedly had a crack rock wrapped up and sitting on his lap. 

The van was inspected, and it was reported that the police discovered a pipe in the pocket on the passenger side door. 

Sandlin and Simpson were taken into custody. They are each facing charges of child endangerment, and Simpson is also being charged with drug possession. They were both booked into the Butler County Jail on $2,000 bonds.  

If they are released, Sandlin and Simpson are not allowed to be in the presence of the children. They will both also be required to wear ankle monitor devices.  

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