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Woman Arrested After 3-Month-Old Tested Positive for Cocaine 

An Ohio woman is facing charges after her 3-month-old allegedly tested positive for cocaine during a hospital visit. 

36-year-old Rose Geisler lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She is the mother of a 3-month-old baby. 

On the afternoon of June 8, Geisler was at home relaxing with her son. The baby was in a vehicle child safety seat, and Geisler said he fell asleep. 

Approximately one hour later, the infant woke up. 

Geisler said that when she first went over to retrieve the baby from the car seat, she saw vomit on him. Upon further inspection, Geisler noticed that her son did not seem to be breathing normally. 

According to reports, Geisler collected the infant and rushed him to the Emergency Room at the Boardman Campus of Akron Children’s Hospital. The woman explained the condition in which she found the baby to the medical personnel. 

They began to run tests on the child to try to determine what was causing the issues, and it was reported that his bloodwork showed that he had cocaine in his system. 

When she discussed the possibilities surrounding her child’s positive drug test results, Geisler reportedly told the medical staff that her brother was visiting. She asserted that her brother might have had cocaine on his hands. Geisler said that if he picked up the child, the baby might have had cocaine introduced into his system in that manner. 

The infant was flown to the main campus at the Akron Children’s Hospital, and the police were notified. 

The hospital staff asked Geisler to wait for the officers, but the woman reportedly went home. 

The police arrived at Geisler’s house, and they conducted a search of the inside of the dwelling. 

Geisler was placed under arrest. She was booked into the Mahoning County Jail. Geisler is expected to face charges of third-degree felony child endangerment for the allegations. 

Her brother is currently not facing any charges related to the incident. 

It was reported that the child is in stable condition. 

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