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9-Year-Old Child Sexually Abused by Son of Babysitter 

The son of a Utah woman who provides babysitting for a 9-year-old boy has been accused of sexually abusing the child while he was in his mother’s care. 

29-year-old Luis Heredia’s mother babysits for a 9-year-old boy at her home. The woman has surveillance cameras in the living room. 

Heredia was reportedly in the house on occasions when the child was in his mother’s care. 

According to reports, on June 1, the Ogden Police Department received communication from someone who accused Heredia of sexually abusing the boy. 

The authorities opened an investigation, and they spoke with the child. 

It was reported that the youngster specified that he was made to touch Heredia’s penis. He additionally asserted that he and Heredia had engaged in several sexual activities. 

The boy also reportedly talked to the police about the cameras in the home. The child alleged that Heredia made sure the devices were disabled before the incidents occurred. He reportedly added that he was taken to other rooms without cameras during some of the alleged encounters. 

Medical and forensic tests were performed on the child. The results revealed information that the police asserted was evidence that the boy was telling the truth about the sexual abuse. 

Later that day, the authorities went to Heredia’s home with a search warrant. 

Heredia was placed under arrest, and he was booked into the Weber County Jail without bond. He is currently facing accusations of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and sodomy of a child. 

There has currently been no report of Heredia’s mother being accused of taking part in the alleged abuse. Additionally, at the time of this post, there are no reports suggesting that the woman was aware of any illegal activities taking place while she was babysitting the boy. 

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