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Man Accused of 17 Beer Heists During 8-Day Spree

An Arizona man is suspected of stealing several cases of beer from the same market that he reportedly visited 17-times during an eight-day period late in July.

The QuikTrip Market in Mesa, Arizona, reported that they were missing an estimated $1100 worth of their beer inventory at the end of July.

When the authorities were notified about the situation and started to investigate the source of the missing alcohol, they reviewed the market’s surveillance videos from the time period in question in an attempt to track down the suspect with the purportedly sticky fingers.

A person with a red Honda Civic was reportedly recorded as they parked in the QuikTrip parking lot and went into the store. The suspect was shown walking over to the beer cooler and grabbing cases off of the display before leaving the store without making any effort to pay for the merchandise.

According to the police, the process was repeated a total of 17-times between July 20 and July 29.

In addition to viewing the red vehicle in the videos, the officers were given the license plate number of the car from one of the employees who said they were able to obtain it when they saw the man leaving the store.

When the license plate number was tracked, it showed that the owner of the car was 29-year-old Mesa resident Nicholas Zebb.

The authorities matched the identification picture in the database against the images in the surveillance video and purported that Zebb was the suspect responsible for the robberies.

Last Tuesday, the police went to Zebb’s home and placed him under arrest for the reported beer thefts.

Zebb, who also allegedly stole a couple of cases of beer from a different store on October 2, is facing felony charges for close to 20 thefts.

When he spoke to the police regarding the accusations, Zebb allegedly told them that he is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, and he asked if they would help him with his battle.

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