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Two Women Arrested After Violent Brawl at Shrimp Sale

Two Pittsburgh women were injured and arrested after they allegedly engaged in a brutal fight with weapons during a residential shrimp sale.

On January 15, 46-year-old Nadine Bell reportedly arranged to purchase a bag of shrimp from 55-year-old Pamela Freshley. Bell made plans to meet at Freshley’s home in Swissvale to buy the shrimp.

When Bell arrived at Freshley’s house just after noon and tried to purchase the prawns, the women got into an altercation. Freshley reportedly snatched the bag of seafood away from Bell and began to walk away with it.

In response, Bell allegedly grabbed a stick and rushed after Freshley, and began striking the woman with the wooden object.

Freshley allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and spit on Bell, and in the midst of the two women hashing it out Bell was reportedly stabbed in the face with the cutting instrument.

When the authorities arrived they noted that injuries were sustained, and they spoke with both women, in addition to a witness of the alleged incident who was reportedly one of Bell’s friends.

While speaking with Bell, the police reported that the woman said Freshley spit at her and threatened to stab her in the eye while they were arguing about the shrimp.

Freshley was reported as telling the police that Bell would not stop attacking her with a stick, and she grabbed the scissors as a way to protect herself from the strikes.

Bell and Freshley were placed under arrest, but both women were in need of medical attention and they were taken to separate hospitals before being booked into the county jail.

Freshley and Bell have both been accused of felony aggravated assault.

Bell was incarcerated and issued a $5,000 bail amount, and it was ordered that Freshley remain jailed on a $20,000 bail.

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