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Two Women Charged for Showering Man with Glitter 

A man was reportedly bombed with glitter by two women who were arrested and charged after the alleged sparkly attack. 

29-year-old Sarah Franks and Kaitlin O’Donovan, 27, live together in an apartment in Clearwater, Florida. 

Early in the morning on January 10, Franks and O’Donovan were reportedly hanging out when they allegedly chose to confront a man at his Clearwater residence. 

It was reported that the two women arrived at the man’s address together around 3:00 am. 

The two people, purported to be Franks and O’Donovan, reportedly found the man on his ground-level balcony, and they started to yell at him. 

It was reported that the confrontation turned into an argument. The women, who were reportedly armed with more than one container of glitter, approached the man. 

Both women reportedly threw the contents of some of the glitter containers at the man.  

A woman asserted to be Franks reportedly proceeded to hop the fence and climbed onto the balcony.  

She allegedly went inside of the man’s dwelling, purportedly without permission, and opened the door to let O’Donovan in. 

Both women reportedly showered more glitter on the head and body of the man before leaving the premises together. 

The Clearwater Police Department responded to the report of the glitter attack. 

According to the police report, the man, who still had glitter covering his head and chest, issued a description of what each woman was wearing. The alleged victim also said that Franks damaged a window by kicking it. 

The police quickly found Franks and O’Donnell and said that when they felt the hood of their car, it was warm. The women were also allegedly still wearing clothing that appeared to match what the man described.  

It was recorded that both women exercised their right to remain silent after they were read their rights. 

Franks and O’Donnell were arrested for the allegations, and they are each facing a felony charge for suspicion of burglary with assault and battery. Franks is also facing a charge of criminal mischief. 

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