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Uh Oh! SpaghettiOs Can Used as Weapon in Domestic Assault

During an ongoing fight between a couple in Fort Pierce, the woman allegedly hit her man on the head with a can of SpaghettiOs causing him injury.

According to police records, 30-year-old Shadae Miranda is a resident of Jensen Beach, Florida.

On April 4, Miranda was reportedly sharing a room with a male companion at the Travel Inn located on Highway 101 in Fort Pierce.

The man reported that he had left the room and was at the hospital for some time, and when he came back to the motel the interaction between himself and Miranda allegedly became tense.

Though the responding officer’s police report mentions that their argument revolved around something pertaining to Miranda the exact details of the situation were concealed in the document.

The man, who said things started to get to the point where he felt it might be best if he removed himself from the room so things could cool off, reported that Miranda started to hit him as he tried to grab some of his personal items.

Just before 1:30 pm, the police were hailed to the motel after they were informed that a situation involving domestic violence might be taking place.

When the authorities reached the scene they reported that the alleged victim was sitting outside on a lawn chair and he was sporting a sizeable cut on his head.

An officer asked the man what transpired, and he reportedly asserted that during their fight Miranda came outside and whacked him in the skull with a can of SpaghettiOs that was contained in a bag.

Miranda, who gave her side of the story to the authorities as well, was recorded as telling them that the alleged victim hit her on the arm. When she was inspected for any marks that might have been left by the blow the police reported that they did not find any signs of an impact on her body.

Miranda was taken into custody for suspicion of felony aggravated battery, and she was booked into the county jail for the allegations.

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