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Man Violently Attacked Disabled Wife Over COVID-19 Stimulus Check

The husband of a disabled woman in New Mexico allegedly assaulted and tried to set her on fire after reportedly becoming enraged when he learned he did not qualify to receive a COVID-19 stimulus check.

63-year-old Joe Macias and his wife, who is reportedly disabled, live together in a trailer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On Wednesday, Macias reportedly discovered that he would not be receiving a stimulus check that is being issued to help U.S. citizens during the current pandemic.

Upon learning the information, Macias allegedly became very upset and reportedly decided to drink a 4-pack of beer that was already in the residence.

After the beer was gone Macias reportedly tried to insist that his wife allow him to use her car so that he could make a beer run and replenish the supply.

When the woman denied the request, she reported that her husband got very upset with her and began screaming and using obscene language. She additionally asserted that Macias threatened her by telling her that she would “pay the consequences,” purportedly referring to her refusal to allow him access to her automobile.

Macias reportedly walked away, and when he came back to the residence a couple of hours later his wife said she got the impression that he had consumed alcohol while he was out. She also reported that he had brought home a replacement 4-pack of beer for the one he drank earlier in the day, in addition to a gas can.

As Macias approached his wife he allegedly threw her on the floor and yanked her hair. The woman said he also tried to take possession of her phone, but she was able to retain it.

Macias’ wife reported that she was unable to get up, and while she was on the floor her husband allegedly doused her and the trailer in gas before trying to light a cigarette. The woman, who was found soaked in gasoline by the police, said she hurriedly called one of her neighbors for help before the authorities arrived.

Macias was taken into custody by the Albuquerque police and he is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center. He is facing charges for suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping, and aggravated battery.

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