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Underage Student Used Movie ID Replica on Bar Trip

A 20-year-old University of Iowa student allegedly presented an identification card to the police with the name “McLovin” on it when he was reportedly drinking in a bar.

Around 12:30 am on October 11, the police went into the Airliner Bar to check the premises.

When they came upon Daniel Burleson, who they believed was underage but was allegedly carrying around an alcoholic beverage and wearing a bar-issued wristband, the officers started to question him. While they were speaking with Burleson he reportedly told them he was indulging in a vodka-based drink. When they asked him to show his ID card, Burleson allegedly denied the request resulting in his being taken out of the establishment by the police.

The officers, who reported that the man displayed behavior causing them to believe he was drunk, made a second attempt to ask for Burleson’s ID. Based on the reported December 1998 date of birth seen on the card it was purported that he was, in fact, underage.

The officers inquired about Burleson being in possession of a fake ID, but the man said that he did not have one.

Burleson allegedly started to flip through his wallet and an officer saw what appeared to be a Hawaii identification card displaying the name McLovin, with a birth date of June 1981. The picture also allegedly did not match Burleson’s description. Instead, as recorded in the affidavit, it showed the portrait of Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse who played a character that had a fake ID in the name of McLovin in the comedy film “Superbad.”

After they retrieved the card from Burleson the officers checked the information with their dispatcher who found that it “returned no results.” Burleson allegedly admitted to buying the replica online, “off Amazon.”

The officers placed Burleson under arrest, and he was booked and charged for possession of a fake ID, public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, and being in a bar while underage. He was released from incarceration a few hours after he was detained.

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