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Man Pilfered Money From Grandma’s Panties

When a man’s grandmother would not give him the money he asked her for he allegedly forced her down in order to take it from the underwear she was wearing at the time.

On August 30, a 63-year-old woman notified the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to report that her 19-year-old grandson had come to her residence and robbed money from her in an aggressive manner.

The alleged victim told the authorities that when her family member, Memphis resident Jared Otte, came into her house he attempted to pressure her into giving him money. The woman said that when she denied complying, Otte shoved her onto a bed and would not allow her to get up as he lifted up the dress she had on. She reported that her grandson proceeded to aggressively take $10 that she had placed inside of her underpants.

The police noted that the woman appeared to have acquired some bruises on her arms and legs, and it was purported that she received them during the alleged altercation with her grandson.

On October 8, Otte was placed under arrest for suspicion of felony robbery, and he was incarcerated in the Shelby County Jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

Otte was released the following day, and he is scheduled to appear in court for the accusations in mid-October.

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