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Victim Held at Knifepoint and Sexually Assaulted

A man in North Carolina has been accused of kidnapping, assaulting, and sexually abusing another man while keeping the alleged victim trapped with a knife to his throat.

On March 14, a man in Wake County, North Carolina was reportedly taken against his will by a suspect later identified as 33-year-old Paul David Chadwick from Raleigh.

As part of the reported abduction, it was asserted that Chadwick used his hand to hold the man by the throat, in addition to holding a blade to the alleged victim’s neck to stop him from fleeing.

The alleged victim was reportedly sexually assaulted by Chadwick while he was overpowered by his purported assailant.

When the authorities learned of the alleged attack, Chadwick was placed under arrest and jailed.

Chadwick, who reportedly has over a dozen prior arrests in the county, is facing one count of first-degree kidnapping, one count of assault by strangulation, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, and three counts of first-degree forcible sex offense for the alleged incident.

An order from the Wake County Magistrate was released asserting the belief that Chadwick purposely kidnapped the alleged victim with the intention of forcing the man to perform sexual acts with him.

According to records, as of March 18, Chadwick was still being held in the Wake County Jail in lieu of a $3,250,000 secured bond, and he is expected to appear before a judge regarding the allegations on March 23.

The current condition of the alleged victim has not been released at this time, nor has it been reported whether or not Chadwick and the alleged victim knew each other prior to the incident of which he is accused.

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