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Woman Accused of Stealing from Parked Cars at State Fair

When a suspect who was reportedly caught breaking into parked cars at the State Fair fled, she crashed a vehicle and hid from the authorities to try to prevent her arrest.

34-year-old Savannah Masters is from Hastings, Nebraska.

On September 2, Masters was reportedly at Fonner Park, where the Nebraska State Fair is held.

The woman reportedly drove a blue van to the location.

Just after 10:00 am, the Grand Island Police said State Fair security reported that they saw a woman rifling through some vehicles.

The security detail informed the Grand Island Police Department about the possible thefts, and officers were sent to the location.

When the police arrived, they were told the suspect was driving a blue van, and they learned that it had been reported stolen.

Masters was no longer in the area, but an officer saw the blue van on the road a little while after the report.

When the officer tried to pull over the driver, believed to be Masters, it was reported that she sped away.

The woman allegedly broke many traffic rules and nearly caused an accident with another vehicle in her reported attempt to escape from the authorities.

The van left the road and slammed into a fence, and Masters reportedly ran from the incapacitated vehicle.

The woman was reportedly found hidden in a shed beneath a water trough.

Masters was taken into custody and booked into the county jail. She is expected to face charges for four counts of possession of stolen property, flight to avoid arrest, a stop sign violation, and obstruction of police.

The authorities said they found checkbooks and personal items they believed Masters had stolen from the cars at the fair.

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