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Florida Teens Pelted Random Pedestrians with Slushies

Two Florida teenagers reportedly threw Slushies at people walking on the street while filming the icy assaults for YouTube material.

19-year-old Rafael Mercado lives in Pinellas Park, Florida, where he works for Salvo Technologies.

Around 2:00 pm on September 4, Mercado took a drive with Ke’ziyah McKay, 18, in the passenger’s seat.

While they were cruising around, Mercado reportedly stopped at a local Circle K Gas Station market.

Both men reportedly went inside, and McKay allegedly bought seven Slushies from the establishment.

The pair left the store with the frozen beverages, and they continued driving around town.

According to the police report, as the teens drove past people walking down the street, McKay launched the Slushies out the window. Several people were allegedly unexpectedly struck by the icy drinks.

While McKay reportedly hurled the Slushies, Mercado was reported as recording video of the alleged victims of the frosty attacks. He reportedly used McKay’s GoPro camera to capture the footage.

A trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol came across the suspects in a residential area.

The trooper reported that Mercado was read his rights before he chose to give a statement.

Mercado reportedly told the trooper that he uploads the videos he records to YouTube.

Mercado also allegedly disclosed that it was not the first time that he had carried out the act. The affidavit reflects that the teen said he did the same thing on August 28.

Mercado was taken into custody and booked on a $750 bond. McKay is recorded as the co-defendant, but he has not been arrested at this time.

Both men are expected to face charges for suspicion of battery and conspiring.

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