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Woman Allegedly Battered With Batter

A hospitable Hernando County woman who was cooking pancakes on her porch recently reported that a man assaulted her with the items that she was using to make the meal.

On Friday night, a woman was preparing a batch of pancakes on her enclosed porch when she reported that she was approached by her allegedly drunk guest.

The visitor, 45-year-old Dwayne Zimmerman, reportedly spoke to the woman offensively before propelling the pan she was going to use for the hotcakes through the air. Zimmerman then purportedly picked up the plastic bowl containing the pancake batter and was said to have hurled it, causing the batter to coat portions of the woman and the porch.

When officers arrived they reported that the porch had remnants of the unprepared flapjacks adorning the area, and the alleged victim was splattered with it on her body and clothes.

Zimmerman was taken into custody just after midnight and booked for one count of felony battery. He was additionally issued a no contact order prohibiting him from associating with the alleged victim. He was placed into the county jail in lieu of $2000 bond for his reportedly abusive lack of appreciation.

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