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Suspect Satisfied After Day of Meth and Masturbation

While the police detained a man for suspicion of domestic violence he allegedly shared the secret behind his reportedly elated state with them.

46-year-old Erik Farnack and his wife live in a home together in Bangor, Pennsylvania.

On Sunday, at nearly 5:30 am, Farnack reportedly came home from a late night out when his wife reported that he seemed like he had been taking drugs. She decided to leave their home and did not return until later the next afternoon.

When Farnack’s wife came back to the residence she alleged that he loudly ordered her to get inside and then threatened her.

The local authorities arrived at the home due to the ruckus and reported that Farnack came running out of the residence while angry and yelling. An officer threatened to tase him, and Farnack became cooperative before any force was needed.

While taking a statement from his wife the woman said that after she went inside the house, Farnack threatened to kill her causing her to become afraid.

Despite initially assuming he was heated, when speaking with Farnack about what had transpired he allegedly stated that he had been “doing meth and masturbating all day, and it feels great.”

Farnack was taken into custody and booked into the county prison on suspicion of terroristic threats, harassment, and disorderly conduct as a result of the accusations made on his alleged day of partying. He was issued bond in the amount of $15,000 at his arraignment.

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