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Woman Arrested For Rough Sex With Boyfriend

When the boyfriend of a Florida woman accused her of becoming violent with him when she allegedly pulled his hair, she reportedly responded by telling the authorities she was satisfying his preference for rough sex.

48-year-old Marnie Jean Faxon and her 47-year-old beau have been together for approximately one year and have cohabitated for half of that time. They currently reside in Treasure Island on the West coast of Florida.

Just after 5:30 pm on May 24, an incident between Faxon and her boyfriend reportedly transpired which allegedly lead to Faxon yanking the man’s hair while she reportedly hollered at him.

When the authorities arrived, they noted in the arrest report that someone had witnessed the incident, in addition to the alleged victim having a recording that he claimed depicted the events as they occurred.

When the footage was viewed it was reported that it appeared to show Faxon as she pulled on her boyfriend’s hair while yelling. The officer additionally noted that there was a time stamp on the video matching the time frame that the victim alleged the incident had taken place.

The witness allegedly further corroborated the narrative by adding that they thought they could hear the man threatening to call the police, but Faxon disagreed with the interpretation of the events as narrated by the onlooker and her boyfriend.

Faxon was taken into custody and read her Miranda rights, and the authorities reported that she chose to talk with them about what happened.

According to the official report, Faxon said that she was appeasing her boyfriend’s proclivity for rough sex. When her boyfriend was consulted about her claims he allegedly said she was not being truthful.

Faxon was booked into the Pinellas County jail for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery, and she was released on her own recognizance with an order prohibiting her from contacting her boyfriend.

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