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DUI Suspect Offered Cop $50K to Let Him Walk

A Utah man accused of driving under the influence allegedly attempted to bribe the arresting officer with $50,000 to escape legal penalties.

28-year-old Jacquez Garfield Wright reportedly interacted with the Cedar City police while they were checking into claims of a possible accident in the location that he was driving.

While talking with Wright, an officer reported that the man was unsteady on his feet, smelled like liquor, and spoke in a manner that gave him the impression he had been consuming enough alcohol to inhibit him.

The officer reportedly asked Wright to stay on his feet while in a specific spot, but Wright allegedly began to back away from the officer and it gave the impression that he was trying to escape.

The police felt Wright should be handcuffed, and claimed that the man was so uncooperative that they needed to discharge a Taser to gain control of him.

According to one of the officers, Wright allegedly shared more than once that he was very rich, and the man allegedly proceeded to offer the officer $50,000 if he was granted his freedom instead of being arrested and charged.

Before being taken to the county jail Wright was seen by the medical staff at the Cedar City Hospital, where he was ordered to submit to a blood test to assess the level of alcohol in his system.

Wright was booked into the Iron County Utah Jail for felony bribery, and misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, interference with an arresting officer, driving on a revoked license, and disorderly conduct. He is being held in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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