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Woman Beat Cheating Beau with Christmas Tree 

When a couple in Florida got into a tiff on Christmas Eve, the woman reportedly battered her beau with the Christmas tree when she believed he was having an affair. 

Just after 3:00 AM on December 24, a couple who have resided together for two years in St. Petersburg were in their bedroom. They reportedly began arguing because the woman suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her.   

According to the police report, “the victim separated from the defendant by leaving their shared bedroom.” He reportedly decided to go into the living room and lie on the couch so they could each have some space. 

A little while later, the woman allegedly went into the living room and lifted the Christmas tree off of the floor. It was reported that she approached her boyfriend and began hitting him repeatedly with the festive fir. 

The authorities were notified, and officers from the Largo Police Department went to the home in response to the alleged domestic unrest. When they arrived, they noted that the alleged victim had many small scratches on his body that looked like they could have been sustained by being hit with the holiday tree. They were told about the argument that transpired prior to the alleged attack, and it was determined that the female was the aggressor in the incident. 

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She is facing charges on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery. She entered a plea of not guilty, and she was released the following afternoon. It was stipulated that any communication or contact she has with the alleged victim must be peaceful. 

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