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Woman Caught Adding Poison to Husband’s Smoothie

A 37-year-old Christian school teacher is facing serious charges after allegedly trying to poison her husband by adding toxic plant powder to his food and drinks.

Last year, a mother of two who lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, with the youngsters and her husband was allegedly having an extramarital affair with an individual from Pakistan.

According to reports, last November, the woman, an artist who was a part-time design and art teacher at Calvary Lutheran High School, started adding lily of the valley to her husband’s food and drinks. Lily of the valley is dangerous to humans if they ingest it, and it can lead to sickness and death.

The suspicions began when the man reportedly started feeling nauseous and unwell after eating and drinking, and he thought his wife might be tampering with them. He put a surveillance camera in the kitchen without telling the woman, and it reportedly recorded her adding lily of the valley to a smoothie she prepared for him.

The man notified the authorities, and he told the police his wife brought him a drink on New Year’s Eve that didn’t taste right, and when he asked her about it, she told him she added urine and industrial adhesive to it. He gave them the smoothie that was allegedly seen in the video so it could be tested.

On January 16, the woman was taken into custody and booked into the Cole County Jail. She is facing preliminary charges of first-degree domestic assault, first-degree attempted murder, and armed criminal action. The authorities deemed her a flight risk because she is in a romantic relationship with someone out of the country, so she is currently being held without bond.

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