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7-Year-Old Girl Beaten and Choked by Wisconsin Officer

A police officer in Wisconsin could spend years in prison if he is found guilty of abusing a 7-year-old girl so badly that she ended up in the hospital.

According to reports, on January 17, a 30-year-old Milwaukee police officer was at a home with a woman, a 4-year-old boy, and a 7-year-old girl. The children were told it was time to take a nap, but the girl did not fall asleep, and the man reportedly became angry. He allegedly grabbed a belt and struck her with it several times.

It was reported that the youngster was taken to the Children’s Hospital, but the exact reason for her visit was not made public at this time. While she was there, it was suspected that she was the victim of child abuse, and the authorities were notified.

Milwaukee police officers went to the medical center and talked to the youngster, who reportedly had bruises all over her thigh and arm. When asked how she got the marks, she reportedly told the police the man hit her, in addition to choking her, and that it happened more than once.

On January 18, the authorities spoke to the child at the Racine County Child Advocacy office. She reportedly described the way the man struck her with a belt and used his hands on her throat until she could not breathe.

The man was taken into custody, and he was jailed on suspicion of one count of physical abuse of a child, and one count of strangulation and suffocation. He was released two days later, and if he is found guilty of the charges, he could spend up to five years in prison.

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