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Woman Charged With Felonies After Coughing in Paramedics Face

A woman who allegedly assaulted and injured her boyfriend reportedly told one of the responding paramedics that she had the coronavirus before allegedly coughing spittle in his face.

38-year-old Lady Lake resident LaDonald Shakkie Holmes was with her boyfriend in the early morning hours on March 18.

While the couple was in bed together Holmes reportedly wanted to share a sexual encounter with her beau, but the man did not share her desire at the time.

The decline of her invitation reportedly incited a fight between the pair, and Holmes, who the police report states holds a black belt in martial arts, allegedly physically attacked her boyfriend.

Holmes, who the alleged victim reported is breaking off their relationship so that she can reunite with her estranged husband, allegedly kicked and punched the man in the face causing his nose to fracture.

The alleged victim departed from the residence while covered in blood from the reported attack. The man went to his vehicle and remained there after he called the authorities to report the incident.

When the police went to the address given to 911 by the man they reported that Holmes was in bed and that she clammed up when they tried to ask her what had transpired between herself and the alleged victim.

The officers informed Holmes that she was being arrested due to the allegations made by her boyfriend about what had happened before they arrived.

As they walked to the police vehicle Holmes became unstable and her legs began to give out. The police asked for assistance from the local Emergency Medical Services and paramedics went to the scene to make sure that Holmes was not in need of medical help.

When the paramedics tried to check Holmes for signs that she needed assistance it was reported that the woman began to act aggressively and allegedly told the EMS team that she had the coronavirus. She then allegedly proceeded to cough in the face of one of the paramedics, whose face was reportedly exposed to a liberal amount of spit.

Before Holmes was taken to jail for one count of felony domestic battery, and one count of felony battery of a law enforcement officer/paramedic, she was seen at the local hospital.

Holmes was incarcerated in lieu of a $7000 bond and she was released from custody the following night.

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