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Cops Caught Naked Couple Mid-Fight in Vehicle

A man was arrested after the authorities deemed him responsible when he and his girlfriend were allegedly discovered nude and in the middle of a physical altercation after the woman reportedly threw a napkin soaked with urine at him.

Robert Janisch, 21, and his girlfriend of approximately half a year were out together on the evening of March 22.

The pair reportedly ended up parking the vehicle they were in at the lot designated for shoppers of the Clearwater Mall.

When the two were hanging out in the car in the parking space they allegedly got frisky and took off their clothes, and they proceeded to have sexual intercourse in the public lot.

After the alleged intimate encounter, Janisch’s girlfriend had to relieve her bladder and she reportedly decided to squat next to the vehicle to do so. In lieu of a roll of toilet paper, the woman reportedly found a napkin with which to wipe herself.

When she was finished with the napkin, Janisch’s girlfriend was said to have tossed the soiled paper in his direction causing it to make contact with him.

The Clearwater Police Department was issued notification by people who were in the vicinity at the time of the alleged scuffle between the couple, and they said they were concerned because they heard a woman yelling.

When officers arrived they reported that the duo was still duking it out, and they pulled the pair away from each other.

Both Janisch and his girlfriend were questioned about what had taken place, and it was noted that Janisch said the relationship between them had always been tumultuous.

The woman, who the authorities said was sporting redness on her throat, reportedly confirmed the sex and said she didn’t mean to throw the napkin at Janisch. According to the police report, she said Janisch put his hands around her neck and she was unable to breathe so she started to scream.

Janisch allegedly stated that the marks seen on his girlfriend were not caused by him, but posited that they might have been the result of her recent trip to the beach.

The police placed Janisch under arrest, and he is facing charges for suspicion of domestic battery by strangulation. He was incarcerated in the county jail on a $5000 bond.

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