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Resident was at Home when Burglar Entered House 

Last Sunday, a Florida man was arrested after allegedly walking into a private home while the resident was there and attempting to cause an accident with another car while reportedly fleeing from the authorities. 

On the afternoon of January 29, a homeowner in Gainesville was upstairs in their residence when they reportedly heard a sound that made them think an intruder had entered their kitchen. 

The resident yelled, and the alleged bandit left the house. 

After the authorities were notified about the incident, officers with the Gainesville Police Department went to the residence to investigate the situation. 

According to reports, the suspect had already left before they got there. 

The alleged victim has surveillance cameras, and when the footage was viewed it showed someone walking around in the carport before going into the home through the kitchen door. The video showed the suspect looking at items inside the home before he left. 

4-hours later, the police noticed a vehicle determined to be the one being driven by the alleged intruder. They tried to perform a traffic stop, but the man reportedly swerved in and out of traffic to escape. 

Officers later saw him change lanes and get behind another car. The man almost collided with the other vehicle. 

When the other car began to travel again, the suspect reportedly tried to hit the other vehicle more than once. 

After the man was forced to stop his vehicle, he reportedly got out and started to walk away. 

The police got ahold of him, and after a brief struggle, the man was taken into custody. 

The suspect, who is currently on probation, is expected to be charged with aggravated assault, burglary of an occupied dwelling, resisting arrest, and fleeing. He is being held in lieu of $152,000 bail. 

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