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Classmates Hospitalized After 6-Year-Old Shared THC Gummies 

A mother in Michigan is facing felony charges after her 6-year-old accidentally brought THC-infused candy purported to be hers to school and shared it with classmates who required hospitalization after they ate it. 

Melinda Gatica resides in Genessee County with her children. 

Gaticia’s 6-year-old son attends kindergarten at Edgerton Elementary School in Vienna Township. 

On April 29, Gatica’s 6-year-old reportedly found gummy candies inside of a Lifesavers package in the refrigerator. The gummies in the bag were allegedly homemade and they contained THC. 

When the boy went to school, he reportedly brought the bag of candy with him and shared it with some of the other children in his class. 

It was reported that within half an hour of ingestion, many children were having reactions such as unconsciousness and shortness of breath, purported to be caused by the candy. 

The school was evacuated, and the Clio Area Schools Superintendent and the authorities were informed about the situation.  

When the Superintendent arrived at the campus, he reported that law officers with the Genessee County Sheriff’s Office were already there.  

The five children having serious reactions allegedly caused by the candy were transported to Hurley Hospital.  

Gatica, who allegedly made the candy with THC extract that she purchased in the summer of 2021, turned herself in to the authorities. She is facing charges of second-degree child abuse. If she is convicted and given the maximum penalty, she could spend a decade in prison. 

It was reported that each candy contained approximately 30mg of THC. 

The Genessee County Prosecutor stated, “We understand that mom probably just made a mistake here,” and added that “nobody’s saying she’s a criminal.” 

All except one of the hospitalized children involved in the incident were released the following day. The other child was sent home on Sunday. They are all back in school and doing well. 

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