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Woman Stabbed Neighbors During Brawl over Leaves on Lawn 

A woman who reportedly blamed her neighbors for the leaves on her lawn allegedly approached them and got into a physical altercation, during which two of them were stabbed. 

66-year-old Kyong Moulton resides in Palm Bay. She lives across the street from an 87-year-old woman.

Moulton was away from her residence in the afternoon on January 6.

When the woman came back to her home, she found that there were leaves on her lawn.

Though her reason for allegedly assuming so was not immediately made clear, Moulton reportedly became convinced that the people who live across the street from her were the culprits who placed the leaves on the grass.

According to reports, Moulton retrieved a leaf blower and deposited the offending leaves onto their lawn.

The neighbor was at home with her son and daughter.

When they noticed what was going on, the mother and son went out to see why Moulton was blowing leaves on the property.

When a verbal dispute reportedly broke out, the neighbor’s daughter joined her mother and brother in the confrontation with Moulton.

After the daughter interjected, Moulton allegedly became physical and slapped the woman in the face. She reportedly continued to attack the woman, and the pair began to struggle. Moulton allegedly used a steak knife and stabbed the woman in the leg.

When her brother attempted to assist her, Moulton allegedly stabbed him in the arm with the knife.

The woman was not stabbed by Moulton, but her children asserted that Moulton shoved their mom and caused her to fall on the ground.

When Moulton spoke with the authorities about the incident, she reportedly told them about how she discovered the leaves on her property, and she was sure the neighbors were responsible. She told them that she did not stab anyone with a knife.

Moulton was placed under arrest and charged with two counts of aggravated battery and one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

The police reported that they were unable to find a knife, and surveillance video of the incident may support Moulton’s assertion that she did not stab the alleged victims.

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