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Woman Taking Valium Hung on Bridge with Tequila and Foil Gun

A 70-year-old Minnesota woman was arrested after she reportedly clung to a bridge on an Interstate overpass while allegedly holding alcohol and a gun made from aluminum foil.
Jean Ann Hansen is from Minneapolis. In May she was involved in a legal matter involving an assault incident. She spent some time in a facility after being assessed with mental illness.
Hansen was recently released on a provisional discharge.
On November 6, Hansen was reportedly driving her vehicle in the evening.
A trooper patrolling in the vicinity reported that they saw a car being driven unsafely.
The woman, later identified as Hansen, reportedly parked her car in a closed lane on the road and got out of the vehicle. She started to walk toward the police vehicle, and told the trooper, “I’m trying to find my way out of here.”
The trooper reported that they discovered an active arrest warrant for Hansen, and the woman was reportedly informed.
When Hansen was asked to have a seat in the trooper’s vehicle, the woman allegedly started getting back into her own car. The officer grabbed Hansen’s arm and commanded her to stop.
The woman allegedly pulled out something silver that the trooper thought looked like a gun, and she went back to the police vehicle.
Hansen allegedly drove away quickly.
The deputy reported that she found the woman holding onto the bridge on the overpass above I-95, and the silver object was still in her possession.
Backup police assistance arrived, and the fire department was able to get Hansen off the bridge. The item she was reportedly holding was described as a gun replica made from tin foil and tape.
The woman reportedly told the authorities she had taken six or more of her prescribed diazepam pills while she was drinking the tequila.
Hansen is expected to face charges for threats of violence, fleeing a peace officer, and two counts of DWI.
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