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Woman Threw Pot of Boiling Water on Sister’s Sleeping Boyfriend

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly dousing her sister’s boyfriend with scalding water while he was asleep.

On July 28, a woman and her boyfriend went to the Sanford, Florida, home she shares with her sister. The woman plans to move out, and she was packing some of her belongings. While she worked, her boyfriend fell asleep in her room.

As she was packing, the woman’s mom called and told her she should see what her sister was doing. When she got off the phone, she saw her sister standing at the stove with a pot of water and figured she was preparing food.

A few moments later, the woman heard her boyfriend screaming. She ran to her room to see what was happening. When she reached the room, she reportedly saw her sister standing over her boyfriend with the pan she was using to boil water. The man was badly burned and experiencing a lot of pain.

The authorities were notified, and officers went to the home to investigate the report. When they got to the home, they confirmed that the victim had fresh burns on his skin.

According to reports, the officers were told the man was asleep when his girlfriend’s sister threw the boiling water on him.

When they spoke to the suspect, she reportedly said the man made her uncomfortable and she did not want him in the house.

She was transported and booked into the Seminole County Jail. According to records from the detention center, she is facing charges of domestic violence battery, aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability, and resisting an officer of the law with violence.

She is still incarcerated at the time this was written, and she has hearings scheduled on August 21 and September 12 for the allegations.

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