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Woman’s Ear Bitten Off During Fight at Party

Two arrests were made when a pair of Florida women reportedly got into a fight at a party last summer over stolen liquor and vape pens, and one of them bit the ear off of the other.

Last year on Independence Day, a group of underage teens held a 4th of July party at a home in Callaway, Florida, and it was reported that no adult chaperones were present.

An 18-year-old and her 14-year-old cousin were in attendance, as was the 23-year-old woman who lived next door. As the night progressed into the early morning hours, some of the men at the party began to fight. It escalated until things became physical.

The woman from next door started to leave to return to her home, but the 18-year-old and her sister intercepted her and accused her of stealing from the party. They said they believed the woman had stolen alcohol and vape pens when she left.

The woman who lives next door allegedly pulled out a gun during the altercation. The pistol was not used, but the 18-year-old and the woman started to fight physically. The brawl reportedly became intense and violent when the 23-year-old allegedly bit off a piece of the teenager’s ear and tore the earring from her lobe.

Deputies from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office arrived, and both women were taken into custody.

The 23-year-old is facing charges of felony battery causing bodily harm, and the 18-year-old has been accused of battery touch or strike.

According to reports, the woman who was bitten had her wounds medically treated, but her ear, which was reportedly half missing, was not able to be reattached.

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