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Woman Trapped in Motel Room by Suspect with Knife 

A man from Eastern Tennessee allegedly held a woman at knifepoint in a motel room, and when the police arrived, he tried to take possession of their guns. 

Just after midnight on September 30, the authorities received a call from a woman who said that she and a man got into an argument, and he tried to hold her hostage at knifepoint in one of the rooms at the Bravo Inn in Johnson City. 

Officers with the Johnson City Police Department were sent to the location. 

It was reported that when they arrived, the woman had been able to get out of the room without being harmed. 

The police approached the suspect, and they reported that he was still holding a knife. They asserted that it was the same blade he used to try to prevent the alleged victim from leaving the room. 

The officers interacted with the suspect, and after a while, he agreed to put down the knife. 

The 22-year-old suspect, who is also from Johnson City, reportedly informed the officers that he had been using methamphetamine the full day prior to their early morning arrival. 

According to the authorities, the officers got the suspect to exit the motel room to talk to them outside. 

When he walked out of the room, the man allegedly tried to remove an officer’s gun from its holster while their back was turned. 

A second officer reported that the suspect also reached for his gun. 

After a short struggle, the man was placed under arrest, and he may face charges for suspicion of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, three counts of simple assault against a first responder, and resisting arrest. 

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