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Officer Accused of DUI after Leaving Crash Site  

An off-duty New Jersey police officer suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol may face charges after he allegedly got into a single-vehicle accident and drove away without reporting the incident. 

Late in the evening on September 2, someone driving a Chevy Avalanche crashed into a pole in a residential neighborhood. The person allegedly drove away after the accident. 

According to reports, the authorities investigated the accident and believed the driver was a police officer that has worked for the Saddle Brook Police Department for approximately five years. 

The police went to the officer’s address and reported that they found him fighting with someone. 

After they broke up the scuffle, the police reported that they smelled alcohol on their coworker.  

It was reported that when he did the sobriety tests, the officer was unsteady. His blood-alcohol level was reported as being .08. 

Deputies from the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office arrested the officer. He may face charges for suspicion of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. 

It was reported that the suspect talked to the authorities about the situation, and he told them he had a few beers and shots of alcohol while he was on a boat with a friend on Lake Hopatcong. 

The officer additionally said that the accusations against him are false. He asserted that the accident happened because he nodded off behind the wheel and when he opened his eyes he barreled into the pole. He also said he did not attempt to run away after the crash. 

It was reported that the officer has been placed on suspension with pay because of the allegations. 

He was not injured during the accident. 

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