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Xenophobic Groper Arrested on Sightseeing Cruise

A passenger on a sightseeing cruise allegedly inappropriately grabbed the backside of another woman before telling the victim’s intervening husband that he should go back to his country of origin.

On Friday afternoon, passengers boarded a Spongeorama cruise in Tarpon Springs, along the Anclote River.

One of the people on board, 58-year-old Lisa Anne Matteson, was allegedly enjoying alcoholic beverages while taking in the scenery when she reportedly made contact with a family on the boat.

When Matteson saw a man, his wife, and their 6-year-old child, she allegedly began to initiate contact that was seen as inappropriate and sexual in nature with the woman in front of her family. Mattheson reportedly reached over and grabbed hold of the woman’s buttocks while making a comment about her curvy figure.

After allegedly touching the woman, Mattheson reportedly stated “I would do you,” at which point the victim’s husband stepped in to ask the woman to stop her behavior.

In response to his attempted arbitration, Mattheson employed Donald Trump’s vernacular and allegedly told the man, “You should go back to the country you came from.”

The Tarpon Springs police responded, and some of the passengers on the cruise reported that they thought Mattheson seemed like she had too much to drink.

As recorded in the police report, when Mattheson was taken into custody she reportedly did not comprehend the reason for her arrest, and she said she did not put her hands on the woman’s rear.

Mattheson was booked into the county jail for misdemeanor battery and she spent the night in jail until she posted a $500 bond Saturday morning.

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