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Sex Trafficker Made Victim Bathe in Bleach

A woman who was the alleged long-time victim of sex trafficking has additionally accused her abuser of forcing her to clean herself with bleach after the sexual encounters took place.

On Saturday night in Cantonment, Florida, Escambia County sheriffs went to a home to check on a situation involving a possible domestic violence incident.

When they arrived at the home, the deputies met with a woman who confirmed that she lived there. The woman was reported as visibly upset and crying.

The deputies spoke with the woman and asked her what had transpired, and the woman explained that she and the man she lives with had gotten into a dispute about finances before things got physically violent. When she began to open up to the officers the woman said that it was not the first time she was the victim of abuse by the man.

The woman began to tell the authorities that for the past 3-years, the man had held her captive in the home and would not allow her to leave unless she was chaperoned by a relative. She additionally alleged that since 2016, the man, who was allegedly using methamphetamine, forced her against her will to sexually service more than 20 men since 2016, and he then required that she bathe in bleach after the acts.

The alleged victim issued the identity of 50-year-old John Chess Foster to the authorities and asserted that he was the person forcing her to endure the reported abuse.

Foster was located and arrested for the accusations, and he is facing charges for sex trafficking, sexual battery, false imprisonment, and three counts of battery. He is being housed in the Escambia County jail in lieu of a $235,000 bond.

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