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Man Sporting Penis Tattoo Pinpointed for Sexting Teen

A man has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior toward a teenage girl after the authorities saw pictures he allegedly digitally sent to her, some of which were reported as showing his tattooed privates.

A 16-year-old female student recently told a safety officer at her high school that she had gotten text messages from a man that was a mentor at the outreach program she is a part of. The girl stated that the pictures were illicit in nature and that she did not ask for or expect them. One of them was allegedly a shot of the words “Fun Size” tattooed on the suspect’s penis.

The unique tattoo of the miniature Snicker’s candy bar catchphrase in addition to the other reported details led the authorities to suspect that Joshua Louis Hillyard, a 28-year-old man who provided mentoring for the outreach program, was the man the alleged victim spoke of.

Hillyard relocated to Arizona while he was still on probation in Montana for a decade-old felony theft conviction, and also in Wyoming for a felony drug possession conviction. The probation was transferred when he moved to the new state and he was assigned an officer for continued monitoring.

When Hillyard went to check in with his probation officer on Thursday, he was detained by the police.

Hillyard allegedly spoke with them regarding the accusations and said that he knew the girl’s age, and in Montana, 16-years-old is considered legal for the consent of sexual activities. He stated that he was not aware that the legal age was different in Arizona.

After being taken into custody he was charged for suspicion of felony providing harmful materials to a minor, and he was incarcerated in the county jail

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