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Domestic Dispute Led to Battery With Frozen Pork

A woman and her boyfriend got into an argument that allegedly cultivated in her throwing a frozen pork chop at him which left a cut on his face.

48-year-old Jennifer Brassard and her boyfriend have been together for approximately a year and they share a residence in Pasco County, Florida.

Just before 10:00 pm Brassard and her partner reportedly began exchanging harsh words when she allegedly flung a pork chop from the freezer in his direction and it made contact with his face.

After allegedly pelting the man with the pork Brassard left their home.

When the authorities investigated the incident they reportedly found that the alleged victim was sporting a cut around two-and-a-half centimeters in size.

The police spoke with Brassard the following day and she reportedly offered them her account of what had transpired the previous evening.

Brassard’s alleged decision to disclose information about the incident, in conjunction with the injury present on her boyfriend, led the police to believe that Brassard was the one responsible for the event and she was placed under arrest.

Brassard posted $250 bond so that she would be granted release from custody, but she is not allowed to have any contact with her boyfriend due to the pending domestic battery charges of which she is being accused.

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