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Man Accused of Fraud Denies Staging Slip and Fall

A New Jersey contractor was accused of insurance fraud after a surveillance camera allegedly revealed that he had purposely faked it when he slipped on ice and fell on the ground before filing the claim.

57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky is an independent contractor who was recently hired to provide his services to a company in Woodbridge.

While on the job one afternoon the surveillance camera in the break area for the company’s employees reportedly caught footage of a man who is believed to be Goldinsky. He is seen holding a cup of ice that spills to the floor in what is suspected as a premeditated act before he dropped to the ground on his back and remaining there.

Goldinsky reportedly filed a claim with the insurance company to get compensation for his ambulance trip to the hospital and the cost of the services administered after his fall.

On January 15, Goldinsky was taken into custody as the suspected perpetrator of fraud for the belief that the accident was phony in order to collect the insurance money.

Goldinsky is facing one count of insurance fraud in the third degree, and one count of theft by deception in the third degree and he maintains that he is not guilty of the accusations and exercised his right to refrain from commenting further without legal counsel.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office stated that they hold the belief that this type of crime takes advantage of the system, and the footage of the incident was posted to their Facebook page displaying the content for public viewing.

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