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2 Kids Hurt when Drunk Driving Mom had Fiery Collision with Gas Pump

An allegedly drunk woman with her two youngsters in the car smashed into a gas pump at a Ceres station causing an explosion that injured her and the children.

On June 27, 23-year-old Isabel Zepeda put her two children, ages 4 and 5, in the back seat and got into her Nissan sedan.

While driving in Ceres, Zepeda was reportedly coming off of Highway 99 at a high speed with the car moving in the direction of a Shell gas station.

A family with an SUV was at the pumps gassing their vehicle, and they saw the sedan coming towards them. All of the people in the area scattered to avoid potential harm.

Zepeda reportedly slammed into a gas pump causing a ball of fire to erupt beneath her car. The vehicle was lifted off the ground by the explosion. When the car hit the ground, shrapnel dispersed in every direction, leaving it smoking and badly damaged. The assumed reason more damage was not done was credited to the safety system built into the gas pump.

The SUV was not reported as being damaged during the event, and none of the people were injured.

The Ceres Fire Department dispatched to the location and contained the blaze before it spread.

California Highway Patrol reported that they found damage to a metal construction sign Zepeda allegedly plowed into, and they reviewed the surveillance video collected from the Shell station.

The authorities asserted that the woman was driving under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred.

Zepeda was taken into custody, and she is expected to face charges for suspicion of DUI and child endangerment. She was booked, and then released on a $50,000 bond.

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