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A New York man was taken into custody for allegedly possessing child porn, in addition to using his apartment as a meth lab.  

Last September, the authorities went to the apartment of a man who was being evicted. They went to the residence to ensure the man left the premises. 

They entered, but no one was in the apartment. The deputies reported that they came across an elaborate setup allegedly used for making methamphetamine, otherwise known as a “meth lab.” If the chemicals are mixed improperly, it could cause an explosion. 

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An allegedly drunk woman with her two youngsters in the car smashed into a gas pump at a Ceres station causing an explosion that injured her and the children.

On June 27, 23-year-old Isabel Zepeda put her two children, ages 4 and 5, in the back seat and got into her Nissan sedan.

While driving in Ceres, Zepeda was reportedly coming off of Highway 99 at a high speed with the car moving in the direction of a Shell gas station.

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