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71-Year-Old Man Allegedly Pistol-Whipped by Teen in Random Attack

Last weekend in Pomona a 71-year-old man reported that he was approached by a young man brandishing a gun, and pistol-whipped in an alleged assault.

Around 8:30 pm on Saturday, February 3, a Pomona resident was reportedly the victim of an unprovoked assault when an 18-year-old man that he did not know came up to him and began acting aggressively. The man was allegedly carrying a handgun and used it to assault the victim.

The authorities were notified and as soon as they were in sight, the suspected perpetrator, Pomona local Pablo Jimenez, fled the scene and attempted to hide inside of the bathroom at a local grocery store. When officers scouted the surrounding area they quickly located someone matching the description given to them by the victim, and they found Jimenez in the bathroom.

Jimenez was not in possession of the weapon when police apprehended him, but they discovered a pistol that was left unattended in a nearby alley and they purported that it was the gun used in the alleged attack.

As stated in a release by Sergeant Jon Edson of the Pomona Police Department, the victim positively identified Jimenez as the man who had assaulted him.

Jiminez was arrested and booked into the Pomona Jail, and he is facing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. His bail was set at $50,000, which he posted the next evening after spending one night in jail.

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