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Beer Thieves Hit Multiple Broward County 7-Eleven Stores

The authorities are investigating a slew of robberies where different sets of suspects reportedly stole cases of high-end beer from several 7-Eleven locations in Broward County.

Starting on November 16, 7-Eleven stores in Broward County, Florida reported that they had been targeted many times by people taking cases of the more expensive brands of beer from their stock and walking out of the store without paying.

On the 16th, a 7-Eleven in Ft. Lauderdale allegedly experienced the first of two lager thefts. The second reportedly occurred on November 19.

As seen in the surveillance video that reportedly came from the store, two men were shown entering, taking two cases of beer each from the location, and leaving without purchasing the merchandise.

The manager of the location purports that the same two men had taken the beer on both the 16th and the 19th. They further reported that it appeared that the suspects were in the same black vehicle both times the store was robbed.

The following day, a second 7-Eleven location in Ft. Lauderdale was reportedly hit by a different duo who each allegedly grabbed cases of beer before bolting.

On November 20, two additional 7-Eleven locations, including a different Ft. Lauderdale store than the two previously reported establishments, one store in Hollywood, and one in Wilton Manners allegedly had cases of beer pilfered by pairs of suspects.

In the alleged Hollywood heist, one of the suspects was seen on video as he tripped and fell to the ground while exiting the store causing the cases to escape his grasp, but the man righted himself and made off with the beer.

The authorities have collected the surveillance footage from each of the locations that reported the robberies, and they are seeking the suspects involved in the incidents.

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