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Brothel Allegedly Found Across from a County Courthouse

A massage parlor owner is facing charges after the authorities allege that she has been using the business, which stands across the street from a county courthouse, as a place to provide sexual favors in exchange for money.

The Gold Sakura Spa in Jersey City is owned by 50-year-old Elizabeth K. Golden. The shop is located right across the street from the Hudson County Courthouse complex, and in addition to her place of employment it was also reported that Golden uses the building as her residence.

On October 2, an officer with the county prosecutor’s office went to the Gold Sakura and allegedly got Golden to agree to an engagement that was sexual in nature in exchange for cash.

Upon consenting to the officer’s request Golden was taken into custody and her spa was searched by law enforcement. While inspecting the business, lists of names that were believed to be clients, accounting records for the spa, nearly $1200, and online material was uncovered and it was all regarded as possible evidence that the establishment was being used for illegal sex practices.

Golden is facing charges for promoting and engaging in prostitution. Her spa has been closed down due to health code and liquor law violations found during the investigation.

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