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When the police went to a residence the day after a domestic violence event was reported they had their attention turned to an alleged stash of illegal items inside of the home.

Kennett County Police Department officers arrived at the residence of 23-year-old Taja Rena Welton on Thursday afternoon regarding a domestic dispute claim reported on Wednesday. Welton answered the door to speak with them, and the police reported detecting a strong smell resembling marijuana.

The officers asked Welton if they could come inside and look around and she allegedly consented and escorted them through her home, where a 4-year-old child was also residing. While walking through as the police performed their inspected Welton was allegedly caught trying to hide a sizeable bag containing what they purported was synthetic marijuana. They also allegedly found a tray covered with what they believed was the same substance inside of the bag.

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browniesA 19-year old teenager from Texas is facing anywhere between 5 years to life in prison for baking and selling pot brownies. Authorities arrested the teen on April 15 after a search of his apartment revealed six bags of cookies, nine bags of brownies, a pound of marijuana and $1675 in cash.

Although his criminal defense attorney claims the offense should be classified as a misdemeanor, Texas laws are harsher in its punishment of crimes involving THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The reason for the tough penalty is due to the boy using hash oil in making the brownies. Hash oil is classified differently from marijuana as a “Penalty 2” controlled substance. This allows authorities to use the weight of the entire batch of brownies (including sugar, flour, etc.) as the weight of the drug sold.

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