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Dad Chemically Burned when Daughter Doused him with Lye

A Michigan man lost consciousness and was covered with chemical burns after his teenage daughter allegedly threw lye at him.

18-year-old Megan Imirowicz lives with her father in Groveland Township.

On October 1, Imirowicz was reportedly at home with her dad.

Though a reason has not been reported for the alleged incident, Imirowicz reportedly threw drain cleaner containing lye on her father. She allegedly followed up by dousing him with water which reportedly caused the chemicals to burn the man’s skin.

Her father passed out, and Imirowicz reportedly left the residence while he was unconscious.

After some time, one of the neighbors came across the alleged victim. According to reports, the man was still unconscious.

The neighbor called for emergency assistance, and when the EMTs arrived they took the man to Genesys Hospital in Grand Blanc for treatment.

Troopers with the Michigan State Police Department went to the hospital to investigate the details of what caused the man’s chemical burns.

When the authorities arrived, they reported that the man was burned all over his head and body.

The police went to the alleged victim’s residence and searched inside the home.

They released a statement noting that they “found evidence [SIC] Lye drain cleaner strewn about the couch where the victim was found by EMS.”

It was asserted that the man’s teenage daughter had assaulted him with the chemicals and left him alone while he was injured and unconscious.

Imirowicz was taken into custody and booked into the Oakland County Jail. She is being charged with one felony count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and one count of misdemeanor domestic violence. She was held on a $75,000 bond.

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