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Disappointing Dinner Led to Sweet and Sour Battery

A man was arrested after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend due to his irritation over what she had brought him to eat from a fast food restaurant.

On June 30, 30-year-old Jesus Oscar Ferrer Jr. and his girlfriend were staying at a motel in Tampa together.

His girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child, went to McDonald’s to grab some food to bring back to the room.

When she returned and handed him his meal it was not what Ferrer wanted, and he allegedly became rather upset about the mishap.

According to the police report, the messed up food order resulted in a yelling match between the couple and eventually escalated into physical aggression. Ferrer allegedly grabbed the sweet and sour sauce dipping containers that were inside of the McDonald’s bag and began to throw them, hitting his girlfriend in the face and head with them. The sauce cups reportedly struck the woman hard enough to leave visible marks.

Ferrer and his girlfriend continued to tussle and he allegedly wrestled her to the ground and held her there with his hand on her face.

In response, the woman reached up and yanked a handful of Ferrer’s dense beard ripping a section of it off.

After losing the wad of facial hair, Ferrer and his girlfriend reportedly disengaged and he left the motel room.

The alleged victim called the police and gave a statement about the incident, but the authorities were unable to apprehend Ferrer, who they believed was the aggressor in the event, until later since he had walked out before they arrived.

Ferrer was booked into the county jail for suspicion of domestic battery. He is being charged with a felony since he was found guilty of a prior misdemeanor charge against him for a fight between himself and his girlfriend that resulted in him biting the woman’s leg.

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