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$5000 Credit Charge Made in Retaliation to Fight With Beau

When a woman and her boyfriend got into an argument on vacation she allegedly got back at him by making an unauthorized transaction on his credit card in the amount of $5000 to tip a café server.

24-year-old Serina Wolfe and her boyfriend Michael Crane decided to plan a getaway together to Clearwater, Florida, at the end of June.

On June 27, while the couple was in the midst of their vacation, the two reportedly began to argue. Wolfe, who is from Buffalo, NY, discussed the idea that she wanted Crane to buy her a ticket so that she could return home before their initially planned departure.

The man reportedly denied Wolfe’s request which caused her to become rather unhappy with being forced to remain on holiday. Crane additionally decided to call and place a hold on his credit card for a short time.

Wolfe left Crane’s company for a while and reportedly paid a visit to the Clear Sky Beachside Café. While she was in the restaurant Wolfe allegedly ordered a meal that cost $55.37.

When it came time to pay the bill Wolfe was accused of whipping out Crane’s Capital One card; the same one that he had placed a hold on earlier that day.

The transaction was processed and accepted, including the $5000.00 tip that Wolfe gifted her waitress for the service she received.

Crane, who had removed the hold on his credit card, learned about the exorbitant dining event that he allegedly fitted the bill for without consent and asked Wolfe what took place. His girlfriend told him that she wasn’t the party who made the purchase which led Crane to report the card activity as fraudulent.

The café was alerted about the possible unauthorized payment for their service and they disclosed that they had already used the funds to pay their employee and inventory distributors.

The Clearwater Police Department became involved and Crane reported that he believes his girlfriend was the person who used his card, possibly in an act of spite, or perhaps because she had been drinking.

Instead of being booked on a flight back home, Wolfe was booked into the county jail on $2000 bond for felony grand theft.

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