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Angry Patron Doused Burger King Worker With Boiling Coffee

An 18-year-old woman who was dissatisfied with her service at Burger King has been accused of causing serious injury by throwing a scalding hot cup of coffee at an employee while they were arguing.

On June 29, Anastasia Lantier and her mother visited a Burger King in Seminole, Florida.

They decided to order from the drive-thru instead of going inside, and Lantier reportedly had an “issue” and became agitated with an employee.

Lantier went inside of the establishment to confront the worker, 21-year-old Cynthia Crumb, instead of continuing to squabble in the drive-thru area.

When she got inside, Lantier and Crumb were still unable to resolve the problem and Lanier allegedly snatched a coffee cup that was sitting on the counter and pitched it in Crumb’s direction.

Crumb was reportedly soaked with the blistering beverage, which was recorded in the affidavit as being 250 degrees.

In response to the searing hot liquid making contact with her hands, arms, and face, Crumb began to fight physically with Lantier.

After an alleged tussle involving scratching each other, and Crumb biting the woman, Lantier and her mother left the building.

When the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about the incident they went to Lantier’s home and discussed the situation with her. The woman reportedly told them that she grabbed the cup and tossed it toward the spot that Crumb was standing, but she wasn’t aware that it contained a hot beverage.

The injuries displayed on each of the women reportedly coincided with what was reported as taking place in the event, and Lantier was placed under arrest as the purported aggressor of the altercation.

Lantier was booked into the county jail, and she has been charged with causing great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement, due to allegations that she caused Crumb’s visible burns during their fight.

After she posted an ordered $10,000 bond Lantier was released from custody.

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