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Topless 81-Year-Old Arrested While Drinking Sunset Blush at Sunrise

An elderly woman was taken into custody when she was allegedly seen topless while drinking from a box of wine in public just after sunrise.

81-year-old Mary Ellen Stewart of Kenneth City was sitting on a bench on the premises of a St. Petersburg hospital just after 7:30 am on Thursday when some of the staff members reportedly witnessed her drinking from a box of wine without a shirt on, leaving her breasts exposed to the public.

Law enforcement arrived at the location and when they spotted Stewart they reported that she was not wearing anything to cover her top half. Additionally, they allegedly saw her holding a box of Sunset Blush wine above her head and drinking the contents straight from the attached spout.

The officers tried to take the box of wine away from Stewart, but they reported that she began shaking it in a way that led them to suspect that she was trying to shower them with the wine.

Stewart was taken into custody on suspicion of misdemeanor disorderly intoxication and released a few hours later on Thursday afternoon on her own recognizance.

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