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Alexa Device Assisted Wife in Domestic Battery

When a married couple from Bradenton was in the middle of a heated argument the husband was allegedly injured after his wife reportedly struck him in the head with an Alexa device.

There was reportedly discontent on Sunday in the Florida home of 34-year-old Matthew Mullineaux and his wife, 24-year-old Ashley Mullineaux.

Matthew wanted his wife to accompany him to the church service he was going to attend, and when Ashley decided she was not going with him it allegedly sparked a fight leading the two to exchange harsh words.

When Matthew returned to their residence after church he began a fruitless search for his marijuana, and he became confrontational with his wife when inquiring about its location. According to the affidavit, the man believed Ashley had purposely hidden his stash from him.

The couple was reportedly still ruffled from the earlier tiff about going to church, and Ashley was allegedly pushed to the point where she began grabbing items from inside the home and throwing them around.

During her allegedly indignant propelling of the pieces Ashley reportedly picked up an Amazon Fire TV Cube, aka “Alexa Cube,” and the hard, sharp-edged electronic device reportedly made an impact with Matthew’s head.

When the police arrived around 2:30 pm, it was recorded that Matthew had bruising and cuts on his face and head, and a laceration that was assumed to be the outcome of the allegedly hurled Fire Cube.

Ashley told the officer that her husband struck her in the face during the altercation as well, but they did not find any physical evidence to back up her claim.

Matthew said he was not going to press charges, and he expressed his belief that the entire situation was blown out of proportion and simply a misunderstanding on both sides.

The officer determined that Ashley was the party responsible for the incident and she was placed under arrest for suspicion of misdemeanor simple battery.

After she was taken into custody, Ashley allegedly told a deputy, “this is not the first time he has hit me,” and that she was not concerned with the fact that she had been remanded since it gave her the ability to report him.

Ashley is scheduled for a September 11 court appearance in regards to the domestic battery accusations.

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