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DUI Suspect Nearly Struck 6 Troopers at Cathedral

A Pennsylvania man who was reportedly using a controlled substance allegedly tried to run down six state troopers as they entered a Cathedral.

The Harrisburg Scottish Rite Cathedral stands near the Capitol building, and it was built in 1954.

The building is typically used for hosting entertainment events. According to their website, “the Scottish Rite Cathedral is the ideal venue for your Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Corporate Event or Social Gathering.”

On September 15, six Pennsylvania State Troopers went to the Cathedral wearing business attire.

According to the authorities, a promotional exam was taking place inside and the troopers were there to participate.

At the same time that the troopers were about to enter the building, a man in a 2002 Ford Escape was driving past the Cathedral.

It was reported that the man stopped his vehicle and took notice of the law enforcement agents.

The driver allegedly turned the Escape in the direction that the troopers were walking and stepped on the gas pedal. He reportedly sped up and came close to hitting them with his vehicle.

All six troopers dove out of the path of the vehicle, and none of them were reported as being injured.

The driver reportedly tried to flee, but the authorities intercepted him before he could get far.

The police identified the driver as 45-year-old Jamal Kimani Crummel from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Crummel, who reportedly served a prison sentence for an aggravated assault conviction in 2006, was placed under arrest.

Crummel is expected to face charges for recklessly endangering another person, aggravated assault with attempt to cause bodily injury with a deadly weapon, DUI: controlled substance, and reckless driving. He was incarcerated in the Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $150,000 bail.

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